CHART: 4 Colour Tartan


A four colour tartan design for knitting on hand or machine. 4 Colour check graph grid designIn this guide I’ve included a full repeatable check [ actually it’s more than 2 colours so in fact it’s a non traditional tartan ]  in chart form. It’s a modern twist on the traditional tartan or [check], with a slightly off centred mini stripe in a couple of colours with a highlight stripe.


It plays with the idea of a traditional tartan by using a strong highlight colour to make stripes, as well as moving the stripes to be less evenly spaced. There is also some colour suggestions for different colour combination options


Feel free to use and abuse it in whatever way you like. Just make sure, that if you like it, that you share it……. come on don’t keep secrets from your knitting friends.


Download PDF HERE: 4 colour modern tartan




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