knitting patterns for hand and machine knitting. Find out about the Twisted Angle patternsPatterns are key to anyone who loves knitting. It really doesn’t matter what your style is, the patterns you choose are personal to you and your style.

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At Twisted Angle, we understand that style is key and Vicky puts every ounce of effort in developing patterns that are trend conscious. [If you’d like to know what experience she uses or want to know more about her, you can find out more about Vicky here.] Sometimes it’s hard to understand or appreciate what this really means. What exactly goes into a pattern design? Well in short, the answer is a lot…..

For fashion or trend based patterns, there is a lot of planning that goes in before the knitting needles even click. First it’s identifying trends, then planning and research, then ideas and collection selection, colours and yarn selection, sketching, design and then finally the finalising of the ideas….. and then you make a pattern! Phewww you’re thinking….. well the patterns in themselves are a minefield of work with stitches, design, sizing and a whole host of other bits and pieces, but at least Vicky has the retail method of making knitting patterns.

The retail method is a really simple way of working out patterns and this method comes from her experience of working with factories across the world to make knitwear for retail. In retail, this has to be quick, easy and minimal. When every penny counts, the smallest amount of changes with the biggest impact is definitely king and Vicky uses this time after time in every pattern. Simple patterns with easy shaping to give you the best clothes to wear with minimal fuss.

Currently I’m putting together a course to help knitters learn how the manufacturing and retail method works. It’s so quick and simple, that once I have my design, I can work out the shaping in less than 20mins for the entire pattern. I really want more people to get knitting, but more importantly, be able to fit their patterns to their own bodies and create their own designs.

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