DAK or Designaknit is a computer program for knitters. It’s most popular with machine knitters because it can be linked up to an electronic knitting machine and patterns or stitch designs can be downloaded and used by the machines directly, but it is actually designed for both machine and hand knitters.

This program is fantastic for designing stitch patterns with colour work, textures and even has a library of cables and lace if you get a plugin. You can also map these textures into a garment shape and with it’s other options you can set tensions, types of knitting technique, create pattern instructions and manipulate pictures into stitch patterns.

The only drawback to the program is that it’s not that cheap, especially if you want all the additional plugins like the lace program and there are some programs online that are free and if you’re not the most creative person, there are a lot of options to use which you might find overwhelming.

I came late to using DAK. When I started Twisted Angle, I wanted to make sure that with all of the available patterns in my shop, that any level of machine or hand knitter could read and make them. However last year I look the plunge and bought the package. I truely love the options on there, but I still keep it simple, using it to create mainly stitch and colour patterns or textures. I slill want to bear in mind those who don’t have DAK or might be new to knitting.

If you do have DAK however, there are some stitch patterns that I have made available in a DAK file format in the shop. I’m also planning to release the knitting books in DAK too. So if you have DAK, don’t forget to check that section of the shop too.

You can find all of these patterns in the shop on the Books and Files page or by clicking here

DAK image for knitting