Shouldn’t you be rewarded for your craft? Shouldn’t you be rewarded for being loyal? Shouldn’t you be appreciated by the people who you help to support? Shhhh gives you just that…


Shhhh knitting club with a discount


We think so too!

Knitting is far too expensive as it is and those who hand or machine knit spend so much on their beautiful craft. My price promise was, from day 1 of Twisted Angle, that I would always keep prices as low as possible. This was never a money making idea, purely a passionate one. I want to make sure knitting is kept stylish, on trend, but most of all, alive as a craft. Money should be spent on your yarn, not the patterns or tools you need. Shhhh will help do do this for the TA fashionknitsters. There are some little financial rewards for those who love Twisted knitting patterns, books and all of the trimmings

…… but shhhh it’s a secret!

Shhhh is one of the best kept secrets in Knitting and it’s very, very simple. If you sign up to our email list [see below] we’ll give you a little gift. Now as standard, this will give you a 10% discount. This discount is for life and every time you support us in the shop, you’ll receive the 10% discount. It doesn’t end there though…….

The more you spend and let me be really clear, this is in total, across all purchases you’ve ever made. No time limit or minimum period of time, in total across ALL purchases ever made, you’ll move up to two more discounts, 15% and 20%.  These will again stay with you for life and will reward you for your loyalty every time you support Twisted Angle.



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