fashion knitting trends. Fashion forecasting and trend prediction and how they apply to hand and machine knittingTrends apply to everyone, whether you think you are fashionable or not. Trends don’t care about size, height and shape. It doesn’t matter whether you like modern or vintage. It doesn’t even matter if you’re 20 or 90. Trends are all around us in everything we consume. But really, it’s just the beginning. A beginning that ends up forming style…..

Your Style!

So if everyone is unique, why are trends so important to great design?

So you know the issue….. You’ve got a wedding, night out or cocktail party and you’ve been so busy you left it a bit late. So you run around the shops looking for something you have in mind, and guess what……. all the shops have the same orange, check shirts or A-Line shapes that really aren’t working for you…… well everything is different, designers, staff, customers, and even price but somehow they all have the same type of thing? I bet you’re assuming they all look at the catwalks, but that’s not it at all……

Fashion trend forecasting covers many things. The latest restaurant you visit because your friend recommends it, which has been recommended by another friend, the iphone, the latest colour of paint and even the products that are available to you as a consumer is all based around trends. ‘Fashion’ itself, means a fad or a trend and some people would turn away from trend prediction because they would assume that ‘fashion’ is not for them. But a trend is merely a basis for designers to develop new ideas and know what will be available to them as a component, material or yarn. Colours of garments in shops are in those very colours because they are a trend. Have you ever noticed the shops all awash with one particular colour? Boucle Yarn? Marls? But really trends are a first inspiration if you like. What you do with them is how you create style. And this is merely the beginning….

Specific colour prediction, shapes, inspiration, key garments, prints, graphics, fabrics, trims and yarn. These fashion and colour trends are predicted, at the highest level, around 3 years before a season and designers spend years visiting trade shows and using trend prediction books, mastering their skills, because a bad prediction means millions of £’s or $’s in lost revenue to a retailer.

But really that probably won’t bother you. You just want to know what’s coming up so you can just be knit ready for the season ahead right? Or maybe you want to plan your new collection of knits? Knit some trendy gifts for a fahionknitster? Or just keep up to date with what’s hot? Well that’s great! How would you like the key trends so you can  plan your own knitting designs? Buy the appropriate colour or texture yarn in advance? Know the key stitches, shapes and styles? Maybe select a pattern and know where they came from? Or simply save over £40,000 per season on trend information?

Well whatever you want to call it,  fashion prediction, fashion forecasting or future fashion trends, the only things you need are the accurate Twisted Angle guide to the latest fashion trends and your imagination.

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