How Twisted Angle Started

Hi, I’m Vicky and I run Twisted Angle. Years ago when I was at the London Collage of Fashion, training to be a fashion designer, I fell completely back in love with knitting and specialised. During my time, I had to learn how to do many things including learning how to machine knit on domestic knitting machines and industrial ones. As I’m going through the process, I’m trying to find, and lets remember I’m doing a fashion course, fashion and trend based patterns. Well there was NOTHING! OK so the Internet was really basic back then (yes I am that old) but even so I really couldn’t find a thing.

A few years later I do a search again, eager to get back into my lovely hobby of knitting and there were loads of results Hurrah I thought. The problem was that actually none of them had any fashion basis and they certainly weren’t anything I would wear.¬†Certainly beautiful and technically creative, but definitely not fashion based. My heart sunk.

A year or so later I decided that this had to be fixed. Knitwear is such a fantastic design element and medium with the most amazing range of textures, stitches, and properties from the yarn to the construction that I couldn’t let the idea go and so here we are.

My ‘day job’

So basically, you know when you go into a shop and say to your friend ”Oh I love that jumper- I have to buy it” Those garments are designed by Knitwear Designers like me. So I’ve spent my years designing¬† knitwear for the UK, American and European high streets, going to factories across the world, catwalk shows, trade shows, fashion forecasting seminars, predicting trends, designing garments, creating spec sheets for manufacturing, looking after critical paths……. the list does go on a bit but you get the idea.

So when I say that I use all of my training as a professional knitwear designer to give you accurate trend prediction and pattern design, I really do! But that’s great for you because you know you are getting the best, accurate information on the Internet for your knitwear design tools, fashion knits and fashion trends and I can promise you I am the only one doing it! No other pattern facility (including the big ones) have trained fashion designers creating their content.

a range of the companies I have worked for and supplied garments and designs to.