Do you have some FAQ’s? Want to know some facts about Twisted Angle or have a question? Here is a really good section to check first. We’ve listed lot’s of commonly asked questions with their answers so you can get your answers straight away.

I’ve see a picture of one of your knits but I can’t find the pattern in the shop?

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We have a long list of patterns and are trying to make sure they are all available to you. If you can’t see it in the shop then we may not have got to it yet. But we will…. in the meantime email me via the Contact page and let her know which one you like and she will personally make sure it’s up and running for you.

I want to see a range of the patterns…

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You can find loads of photo’s of Twisted Angle clothes in a few different places. There are a number of pictures across the site, but also on our Facebook page, and Pintrest page.

Are your patterns for hand or machine knitting?

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We do both!

I’m a beginner, can I follow the patterns?

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Yep you can, for many reasons. When I started the site, I had a really simple idea. I wanted fashionable designs with maximum aesthetic but minimum effort. Simple is best!

I have a single bed machine and tried to work out how someone would create great knits with no technology or additional bits of kit. Similarly for hand knitters, the techno talk can sometimes be a bit to much to get your head around, so the patterns are written in a really simple way with simple techniques for maximum effect.

If you’re still unsure, there are also some ‘How to’ guides for stitches and techniques, which are full step by step guides with graphics for each stage. You can find some examples of these on our Resources pages.

I’ve bought a pattern but I don’t have the link?

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After you have completed a payment, usually through Paypal you will recieve an email from me which includes the link which will let you download your pattern, book or product. If you don’t receive this email, do three things:

  1. Check your spam/junk folder, just in case it might have gone there.
  2. If you use an online payment system like Paypal, just check if you have a different email account on that system to the one you put into the shopping cart. You might find that the link may have been sent to that email address instead.
  3. Sometimes we all make typo’s don’t we. If your email address doesn’t work, we can’t send you the file. You can check our facebook https://www.facebook.com/TwistedAngleFashionKnits or twitter page https://twitter.com/TwistedAngleMag in case we put a notice there for you.
  4. If the link hasn’t come through in an hour or so after purchase, please go to the contact page and send me an email so I can check if there was a problem with the cart and I’ll make sure you receive your goddies.

What is DAK?

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DAK is the short term for a software programme called Designaknit. This programme allows you to design your own stitches and . If you have an electronic knitting machine you can download your designs directly to the machine. If you don’t or you are a hand knitter, this programme is still great for design.

What are DAK files?

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These are stitch patterns that are part of my knitting patterns or books. These files are all designaknit files that can be opened directly in your designaknit program.

Is there help with stitches and techniques?

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Yep, like the answer above we have full step by step guides to stitches and techniques. They are fully assisted by graphics for each part of the stitch.

Are the patterns wearable for the day?

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We cover everything! Fashion is a term that suggests crazy frivolous garments, but as a retail designer I have to combine the latest trends with the restrictions of the real world in my retail design career. Twisted Angle is no different! I takes elements of trends and catwalk details and put them into my knit patterns. Simple shaped garments are great for colour work or an interesting stitch. All it takes is an interesting detail to jazz up the most basic v neck.

Are your trends accurate?

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I have over 12  years worth of experience in the fashion industry, designing for the US, UK and European markets. Part of a designer’s job is to know what trends are coming up. All of the trends on our site are created using genuine fashion industry information and have a proven track record.

I want to know the measurements for patterns…

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All of our patterns cover cast on’s for sizes 8 to 16UK size, but on many patterns we cover sizes up to 20UK although you are not restricted to those sizes in the patterns and there are details on the number of stitches to increase or decrease per size so that we ca provide designs for everyone. There are a number of patterns that work really well for larger sizes and we are working on developing some curvy specific fashionknitsta patterns.