The Retail Method – Did you TEST ME to write a pattern in under 10 mins?

So did you Test Me to write a knitting pattern in less than 10 mins? Well 4 wonderful fashionknitsters did…..

I’ve been saying that with the Retail Method of creating knitting patterns that, with a little practise too, I can actually write a knitting pattern in less than 10 minutes. Sounds a bit too good to be true? Boasting even? Maybe it just can’t be done? Well to be honest, I never actually timed myself, so I thought that if I’m going to tell people that, then I should really prove it shouldn’t I. It’s not enough to just say that you can do something. People want to see it, and that is perfectly fair. If I’m going to be selling a course that makes some big claim, like its super simple, super fast or for any type of knitter, any shape of garment, any type of yarn, in fact anything you want to calculate and it will only take you 10 mins to write etc, then it makes sense that people want to see it in action.

So I thought to put my money where my mouth is and for a bit of fun,  I would test myself on camera. So I take a standard template, like the one we use in the course and ask people to give me their own measurements and a tension square and all I would do is replace the measurements I use in the course, with their own personal measurements and see how long it takes me to write a pattern for them……. now since I want to e transparent about the whole process, I even show you the before and after pattern sheet and piece of paper I work everything out on, so that all of the figures and numbers are completely fresh and new. Plus t here is also the biggest stopwatch you have ever seen. It’s on my laptop, full screen no less, and my laptop is a 15 inch one….. I really did make me laugh when I saw it.

So the newsletter and posts went out, people responded and emails were sent. Here finally are the videos….







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