CHART: Rose Trellis

Rose Trellis chart for hand or machine knitting. Free chart for rose trellisIn this guide I’ve included a full repeatable Rose Trellis from our Trends Book: Floral. A huge flora trend has been sweeping the fashion season, and here we’re no different. So here is a little free chart for a horizontal repeating rose trellis that can be done with 3 colours or just 2 for a more graphic look.


If you love floral graphics and you are a handor a machine knitter, you can find lots more floral repeats, kitsch florals and more in depth artworks in our E-Book, which you can find here: TRENDS: Floral


Feel free to use and abuse it in whatever way you like. Just make sure, that if you like it, that you share it……. come on don’t keep secrets from your knitting friends.


Download PDF HERE: Rose Trellis


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