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Create a smocking stitch effect with this really simple guide. Super effective and a great alternative to cables

HK STITCH: Smocking Stitch

Last year I created this jumper, the one pictured. I wanted to do something that was like a cable but with something different. Smocking, is such a great compromise that is really easy to do but with a great texture and a really effective look. I have to say this jumper is one of my […]

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We love cables! Come and find a range of cable designs and download the guides for theses cable stitches for free

HK STITCH: Mossy Cable

I do love cable stitches. If you hand or machine knit, they just look special. They also look really complicated and some people think they take an age to knit. Well I’m not going to lie, you will have to do a couple of extra stages in comparison to let’s say a stockinette stitch, but […]

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HK STITCH: The Braid Cable

I love cables. There are so many to choose from and so many designs and sizes. What about a nice little braid that can frame all of your main stitches? Here is a really nice cable braid that is super easy to knit but looks complex with a maximum impact. This looks amazing as an all […]

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