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Vogue-Italia-October-2013 Knitting

Feminine 40’s knits

A quick little post today from the magazines. I haven’t done this for a while but I wanted to share these photos for a couple of reasons. Firstly, how snuggly does the knitwear look? So soft and warm. But also I am a huge fan of vintage 40’s fashion. I love these outfits from Vogue […]

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Have you ever wondered how to create a fringe stitch in knitting? Well here it is. Come and download it for free

HK STITCH: Fringe Stitch

In Issue #1 of Twisted Angle, I made a fur coat, all completely knitted. It was one of our most popular and talked about designs for our hand knit patterns. (And one of my favourites) Well here is the key to the design. The fringe stitch is here. Free for you to download and apply […]

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RECYCLE: Applique Cardi

I love a little bit of the 80’s, but then I also love a bit of leather, biker looks and a little bit of rock. Well I found this amazing cardigan, complete from the 80’s with dropped shoulders, oversized and huge batwong sleeves. Darn it, it’s amazing! …….But a tad old and wearing a bit […]

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