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Rose Trellis chart for hand or machine knitting. Free chart for rose trellis

CHART: Rose Trellis

In this guide I’ve included a full repeatable Rose Trellis from our Trends Book: Floral. A huge flora trend has been sweeping the fashion season, and here we’re no different. So here is a little free chart for a horizontal repeating rose trellis that can be done with 3 colours or just 2 for a […]

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CHART: 4 Colour Tartan

  In this guide I’ve included a full repeatable check [ actually it’s more than 2 colours so in fact it’s a non traditional tartan ]  in chart form. It’s a modern twist on the traditional tartan or [check], with a slightly off centred mini stripe in a couple of colours with a highlight stripe.   It […]

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A free needle size and yarn guide for hand knitters. Download the guide for free

HELP: Needle & Yarn gauge

Have a little guide to your needle size and the type of yarns per needle. Some fashionknitsters, especially when you start knitting can be a little confused by the tons of different types of yarn, plus the fact that there are loads of different sizing systems for the needles themselves. Who can blame them? I […]

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Animal print design chart from our animal prints book full of 70 pages worth of animal prints motifs and repeats

CHART: Animal Prints

Do you like Animal Prints? Well a while ago we started a little trend based E-Book series that aimed to get fashionable prints into knitting as well as promoting individual designers and small craft companies. Here for free is one of our animal repeat prints from the 70 page book. A repeat pattern for a really […]

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CHART: Diamond Lace

A lovely diamond Lace pattern that can look beautifully airy in fine yarns with a delicate, pretty  look, or go black and add some sass. But this can be equally beautiful with heavier yarns too for a more summery, with a strong handmade, feel. It looks really strong and defined the thicker the yarn you use. This […]

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CHART: Snowflakes

 When the winter is coming, you want something to snuggle with and you really can’t beat some Scandinavian design! It just radiates warmth. So we thought we would help with 2 snowflake designs that look fab used together or separately. So feel free to download our pdf because I want to help you create great designs. The […]

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