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Andrea Henry. Knitwear Designer. Twisted Angle, your style. Your favourite knits

YOUR STYLE: Andrea Henry

I love to cover the style of our Fashionknitsters and today I had an email from Andrea Henry. She has created her first pattern for Ravelry, pictured below and you can check out her website HERE. This is what Andrea is knitting…. MY PERSONAL STYLE: Colourful handknits inspired mostly from nature. I LOVE THIS GARMENT: First […]

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Valentino 2014

Oh for the love of Knitting!

If ever there was an inspirational collection for 2014,  or any season in fact, this would be it! Valentino Summer 2014 show was purely colourful. All the inspiration, print, graphic, trim, detail and effects any designer could want as an inspirational starting point. This sort of collection could keep someone going for months. Knitting is […]

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Get featured on our blog. What is your fashion and style. I want to know so I can show off YOUR amazing knitting skills. Just email me now

I want to feature YOUR knitting

You know I was sitting down doing a bit of knitting and pattern planning on my sofa at the weekend and I was suddenly taken by the fact that design really isn’t about designers, it’s about everyone! Whilst I was taking a naughty break on Pinterest, I’m scrolling through my phone at all of the […]

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CHART: 4 Colour Tartan

  In this guide I’ve included a full repeatable check [ actually it’s more than 2 colours so in fact it’s a non traditional tartan ]  in chart form. It’s a modern twist on the traditional tartan or [check], with a slightly off centred mini stripe in a couple of colours with a highlight stripe.   It […]

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Floral AW13 Moschino

Floral Trends are so in right now…..

For AW13 and SS14 the focus is definitely on florals. The biggest theme for both seasons are anything leafy, cute, vined or bloom based. For now let’s focus on AW13. Concentrate on deeper colours with a more vibrant theme. More tropical and lavish flowers are popular for winter 2013 with large leafy flowers, an emphasis […]

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AW13 Joseph

Animal Prints….. Still here!!!

Last year, I launched the first community book based around colour work and motifs for trends. Last year was Animal Prints, mainly due to loads of trend research and was timed to be released because of the AW12 trends, but the most surprising thing was the length of time this has continued. Can you believe that this […]

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AW13 fashion trend prediction. Trend forecasting

AW13 Sophisticated Hoarder

For those of you unfamiliar with an area of East London called Shoreditch, this trend may be a little alien to you. As a fully engulfed Londener I’m loving that this trend is now covering AW13.   To gain the basics, Shoreditch is home to some of the best craft, fashion and  vintage shops in […]

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AW13 fashion trend prediction. Trend forecasting

AW13 Dandy Man

AW13 ‘Dandy’ is a term referring to men who were rather extravagant in their dress across the years. Still moving with fashion and dressing with a masculine basis, these men would somewhat feminise their clothes with oversized accessories, sometimes ornate, feathers and trims that were popular at the time. Well then came the 40’s and […]

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AW13 fashion trend prediction. Trend forecasting

AW13 Pop Art

AW13 An eclectic mix of colours and texture, bringing in the theme of Pop Art. There are no holds barred here. Graphics are a very strong theme throughout through single motifs, tessellated repeats, strong graphical shapes or more regular themes such as animal prints or florals being used in bold ways or with random colours. […]

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A free needle size and yarn guide for hand knitters. Download the guide for free

HELP: Needle & Yarn gauge

Have a little guide to your needle size and the type of yarns per needle. Some fashionknitsters, especially when you start knitting can be a little confused by the tons of different types of yarn, plus the fact that there are loads of different sizing systems for the needles themselves. Who can blame them? I […]

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Ever wanted to know how to calculate the amount of yarn you need for your knitting project or design

HELP: Calculate your yarn

A while ago, I was asked if  I could calculate some yarn for someone and after I did, I came up with an idea. What if I asked knitters if there was something knit related that was a bit of a mystery. Something people wanted a guide to or if I could help with a […]

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Have you ever wondered how to grade a knitting pattern? I'll give you the rules from the fashion industry to help you grade your knitting pattern for both hand and machine knitting

HELP: Grade your knitting patterns

Do you want to grade your knitting patterns? Are you a bit confused by the rules? Well over a very long time in the fashion industry, I’ve had to write knitwear specs, go to fit meetings, speak to the manufacturers and make knitwear designs for the highstreet. This involves a lot of grading, measurements and […]

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HK STITCH: The Braid Cable

I love cables. There are so many to choose from and so many designs and sizes. What about a nice little braid that can frame all of your main stitches? Here is a really nice cable braid that is super easy to knit but looks complex with a maximum impact. This looks amazing as an all […]

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HK STITCH: 5 Stitch Bobble

With bobbles, sometimes it’s difficult to get them right, especially when you want larger scale bobbles. So here is our free guide to creating a 5 stitch bobble for your own work or encorporationg them into a design. These look amazing with cables, lace and all types of colour. Download PDF HERE: 5st Bobble   […]

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Animal print design chart from our animal prints book full of 70 pages worth of animal prints motifs and repeats

CHART: Animal Prints

Do you like Animal Prints? Well a while ago we started a little trend based E-Book series that aimed to get fashionable prints into knitting as well as promoting individual designers and small craft companies. Here for free is one of our animal repeat prints from the 70 page book. A repeat pattern for a really […]

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