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A free needle size and yarn guide for hand knitters. Download the guide for free

HELP: Needle & Yarn gauge

Have a little guide to your needle size and the type of yarns per needle. Some fashionknitsters, especially when you start knitting can be a little confused by the tons of different types of yarn, plus the fact that there are loads of different sizing systems for the needles themselves. Who can blame them? I […]

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Ever wanted to know how to calculate the amount of yarn you need for your knitting project or design

HELP: Calculate your yarn

A while ago, I was asked if  I could calculate some yarn for someone and after I did, I came up with an idea. What if I asked knitters if there was something knit related that was a bit of a mystery. Something people wanted a guide to or if I could help with a […]

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Would you like a seamless way to join you knitting seams? Here's our free guide to Kitchener

HELP: Join seams with Kitchener Stitch

Oh seaming ( or Linking )! I’m not a fan of joining any seam by hand, but if you can get an invisible seam, at least that makes the join look nice. Kitchener is actually really easy, but it tends to confuse people because of that funny line of the yarn, picking up half stitches […]

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Have you ever wondered how to grade a knitting pattern? I'll give you the rules from the fashion industry to help you grade your knitting pattern for both hand and machine knitting

HELP: Grade your knitting patterns

Do you want to grade your knitting patterns? Are you a bit confused by the rules? Well over a very long time in the fashion industry, I’ve had to write knitwear specs, go to fit meetings, speak to the manufacturers and make knitwear designs for the highstreet. This involves a lot of grading, measurements and […]

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What is SSK? It means Slip Slip Knit and is a method of decreasing knitting stitches. Come and get your free guide

HK HELP: SSK [Slip Slip Knit]

If you’re not sure what SSK means, it refers to a method of decreasing stitches in a knitting pattern. A K2tog will do the same thing, but the in the opposite direction. So when you have 2 stitches and you K2tog, you’ll notice that the top stitch, that shows when you are looking at the […]

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Create a smocking stitch effect with this really simple guide. Super effective and a great alternative to cables

HK STITCH: Smocking Stitch

Last year I created this jumper, the one pictured. I wanted to do something that was like a cable but with something different. Smocking, is such a great compromise that is really easy to do but with a great texture and a really effective look. I have to say this jumper is one of my […]

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I love the slash and knit technique. Make your jersey garments look like have a knitting stitch. Get our free how to guide

RECYCLE: Slash and Knit

A number of years ago, there was a grungy fashion trend and I used a really cool feature, slash and knit, to sell designs to some of the biggest retailers in the UK! I loved the slash and knit effect and since I posted an article about this [as well as a dress I made with […]

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Here's a great guide on how to create the perfect ladder stitch with hand knitting

HK STITCH: Ladder Stitch

The ladder stitch is really versatile. It can be a trim, a great little detail with a background of stockinette stitch or a really solid addition to lace. The ladder stitch is sometimes a little bit disregarded as a design detail because it’s really simple, but it has a really great impact. Ladders can be […]

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Holding stitches is a great technique for your machine. It's also how you do partial knitting with lace

MK HELP: Holding Stitches

Holding stitches is a really great technique for any machine knitter. Make no mistake it will make a really big difference to you when you are partial knitting. Sometimes you get that furry effect on your knitting when you are holding some of the other stitches. Have you ever noticed that? Well this is the […]

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Have you ever wondered how to create a fringe stitch in knitting? Well here it is. Come and download it for free

HK STITCH: Fringe Stitch

In Issue #1 of Twisted Angle, I made a fur coat, all completely knitted. It was one of our most popular and talked about designs for our hand knit patterns. (And one of my favourites) Well here is the key to the design. The fringe stitch is here. Free for you to download and apply […]

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HK STITCH: The Braid Cable

I love cables. There are so many to choose from and so many designs and sizes. What about a nice little braid that can frame all of your main stitches? Here is a really nice cable braid that is super easy to knit but looks complex with a maximum impact. This looks amazing as an all […]

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HK STITCH: 5 Stitch Bobble

With bobbles, sometimes it’s difficult to get them right, especially when you want larger scale bobbles. So here is our free guide to creating a 5 stitch bobble for your own work or encorporationg them into a design. These look amazing with cables, lace and all types of colour. Download PDF HERE: 5st Bobble   […]

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RECYCLE: Applique Cardi

I love a little bit of the 80’s, but then I also love a bit of leather, biker looks and a little bit of rock. Well I found this amazing cardigan, complete from the 80’s with dropped shoulders, oversized and huge batwong sleeves. Darn it, it’s amazing! …….But a tad old and wearing a bit […]

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RECYCLE: Patchwork Poncho

A few seasons ago, Chanel did a huge push in a collection, for hand crafted looking garments. There were loads of patchwork, loads of hand stitches, loads of ‘handmade’. To honour this and the aim to get crafters doing more to recycle, I’ve put together this really easy loose cape or poncho that is so easy […]

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