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SS15 Resort. Spring Summer 2015 Tibi

Some great SS15 Resort Knits

I love to take all sorts of things on the catwalk and turn them into my version for hand or machine knitters, but I do think it is important to pay homage to the knit designs being put forward by designers. So I’m going to keep this post fairly short and give you some inspiration […]

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SS15 Spring Summer 2015 Sporty relaxed clothes M Missoni

SS15 is looking bright….. looking orange

Well the catwalks aren’t yet over and we’re only just over half way through, but the good news is that there is something for everyone. Florals are looking tropical with a mixtures of both dark and light prints. There are deep and moody elements. Soft feminine 50’s shapes. Masculine monochrome and a very sporty relaxed look. […]

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Rose Trellis chart for hand or machine knitting. Free chart for rose trellis

CHART: Rose Trellis

In this guide I’ve included a full repeatable Rose Trellis from our Trends Book: Floral. A huge flora trend has been sweeping the fashion season, and here we’re no different. So here is a little free chart for a horizontal repeating rose trellis that can be done with 3 colours or just 2 for a […]

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Valentino 2014

Oh for the love of Knitting!

If ever there was an inspirational collection for 2014,  or any season in fact, this would be it! Valentino Summer 2014 show was purely colourful. All the inspiration, print, graphic, trim, detail and effects any designer could want as an inspirational starting point. This sort of collection could keep someone going for months. Knitting is […]

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featured diary of the behind the scenes. Twisted Angle News and all about Vicky's life and Twisted. The diary of a Fashionknitster

Where is your knitting passion?

Me? I’m ashamed to say that over the last 4 years of running Twisted Angle, I was slowly being taken over by running a business, running the website and I felt like I was knitting for the sake of it. [Don’t worry this is definitely not a moan post, but I think it’s something no […]

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Nina Ricci knit gloves AW13

Glove Inspiration

So I’ve been focusing on gloves for a week or so and my journey to get behind these unusual and somewhat scary accessories for knitting has turned out to be something wonderful. But I shouldn’t ignore the wealth of inspiration that made me eventually take the plunge. For AW in any year, gloves are a […]

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Marc Jacobs knit gloves AW13

The Glove Confusion

So you have to start knitting gloves at some point don’t you? Well to be honest, they always made me a bit nervous. You always see people with a handful of DPNs and such little rounds with a ton of loose ends and contrast yarn all over their samples……. frightening!Well I couldn’t avoid them any […]

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How would you like to win ALL of the knitting goodies featured in the picture below? There is even the choice of either, any pattern and yarn to make it from our shop, or one of the knitting books, including the new florals book coming out in August! A really amazing prize worth over £200. This competition […]

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Have you ever wondered how to grade a knitting pattern? I'll give you the rules from the fashion industry to help you grade your knitting pattern for both hand and machine knitting

HELP: Grade your knitting patterns

Do you want to grade your knitting patterns? Are you a bit confused by the rules? Well over a very long time in the fashion industry, I’ve had to write knitwear specs, go to fit meetings, speak to the manufacturers and make knitwear designs for the highstreet. This involves a lot of grading, measurements and […]

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What is SSK? It means Slip Slip Knit and is a method of decreasing knitting stitches. Come and get your free guide

HK HELP: SSK [Slip Slip Knit]

If you’re not sure what SSK means, it refers to a method of decreasing stitches in a knitting pattern. A K2tog will do the same thing, but the in the opposite direction. So when you have 2 stitches and you K2tog, you’ll notice that the top stitch, that shows when you are looking at the […]

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I love a cale and a cable with lace is the best kind. Here is the easiet cable lace column I have ever knitted. Get your download for free here

HK STITCH: YO rib and Lace Panel

I really like this stitch. It’s called many things but the yarn over and background of purl stitches stays constant. This stitch really has everything. It’s really easy to knit. It’s only 5 sts wide. It has a little element of lac with the yarn over’s. It only requires you to be able to knit […]

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Create a smocking stitch effect with this really simple guide. Super effective and a great alternative to cables

HK STITCH: Smocking Stitch

Last year I created this jumper, the one pictured. I wanted to do something that was like a cable but with something different. Smocking, is such a great compromise that is really easy to do but with a great texture and a really effective look. I have to say this jumper is one of my […]

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We love cables! Come and find a range of cable designs and download the guides for theses cable stitches for free

HK STITCH: Mossy Cable

I do love cable stitches. If you hand or machine knit, they just look special. They also look really complicated and some people think they take an age to knit. Well I’m not going to lie, you will have to do a couple of extra stages in comparison to let’s say a stockinette stitch, but […]

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Here's a great guide on how to create the perfect ladder stitch with hand knitting

HK STITCH: Ladder Stitch

The ladder stitch is really versatile. It can be a trim, a great little detail with a background of stockinette stitch or a really solid addition to lace. The ladder stitch is sometimes a little bit disregarded as a design detail because it’s really simple, but it has a really great impact. Ladders can be […]

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