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Tracy Reese SS14 Lace trend

Exciting looks for lace lovers!

One of the biggest trends for SS14 will definitely be lace. So those of you knitters who love a bit of lace, get ready. There will be all sorts of lace from the simplest eyelet based ideas to the most complex, all over or intricate ideas. So whatever level of lace knitter you are, now is […]

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I love a cale and a cable with lace is the best kind. Here is the easiet cable lace column I have ever knitted. Get your download for free here

HK STITCH: YO rib and Lace Panel

I really like this stitch. It’s called many things but the yarn over and background of purl stitches stays constant. This stitch really has everything. It’s really easy to knit. It’s only 5 sts wide. It has a little element of lac with the yarn over’s. It only requires you to be able to knit […]

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Here's a great guide on how to create the perfect ladder stitch with hand knitting

HK STITCH: Ladder Stitch

The ladder stitch is really versatile. It can be a trim, a great little detail with a background of stockinette stitch or a really solid addition to lace. The ladder stitch is sometimes a little bit disregarded as a design detail because it’s really simple, but it has a really great impact. Ladders can be […]

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Holding stitches is a great technique for your machine. It's also how you do partial knitting with lace

MK HELP: Holding Stitches

Holding stitches is a really great technique for any machine knitter. Make no mistake it will make a really big difference to you when you are partial knitting. Sometimes you get that furry effect on your knitting when you are holding some of the other stitches. Have you ever noticed that? Well this is the […]

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CHART: Diamond Lace

A lovely diamond Lace pattern that can look beautifully airy in fine yarns with a delicate, pretty  look, or go black and add some sass. But this can be equally beautiful with heavier yarns too for a more summery, with a strong handmade, feel. It looks really strong and defined the thicker the yarn you use. This […]

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