The Retail Method: Did you test me – THE RESULTS for “C”

So in each of my video’s I promised pictures and a pattern. So here is what happened with each of the videos….. knit along if you want to.

Here is what happened with C.
For this neckline I decided to do a simple slash neckline to suit the bust and shoulder measurements. Here are the measurements C gave me and the tension square at the top.
10 Sts = 6cm
10 Rows = 4cm

Testing Vicky to Create a Knitting Pattern in less than 10 minustes using the Retail Method Testing Vicky to Create a Knitting Pattern in less than 10 minustes using the Retail Method


Here is the pattern written out properly with row numbers and standard information like cast on and off and with a full back pattern, that I usually don’t write in full as it mirrors the front. If you want to knit this, then please remember that I asked only for garment length, shoulder width, bust width, waist width and hem width only, so items such as armhole length have been approximated for the length of the garment based on standard retail measurements that would match the garments overall measurements.

However if you are interested in taking the course and discovering how to make a full pattern for yourself, you’ll be able to adjust any area of measurement you want to, add sleeves and any other detailing you want. Plus if you don’t want to knit clothes, maybe do some yarn bombing for a sofa……. then the same method still applies.


On reflection, looking at the pattern as I am copying it down, I would, if I was creating a design with the yarn, probably have adjusted the neckline to have more stitches at the shoulders and less of a slash. Although the pattern is true to the measurements given, I wanted the randomness to be authentic. So when I added in the necklines I was trying not to consider anything too much and so the numbers were added with a little randomness. For that reason, if you would like to knit this pattern I would suggest maybe altering the neckline at Row 140 to cast off only 36 sts, 18 sts each side of centre instead of 40, to allow for slightly wider shoulder seams. You can of course amend this as you want to.

FRONT and BACK are the same, so feel free to knit in the round, making sure to mark the side seams and increase / decrease as needed.
Row 1. Cast on 88sts

Row 2. Knit 2 Rs

Row 4. Decrease 1 stitch at each end of the row, every 8 Rows for a total of 48 Rows

Row 52.  Increase 1 Stitch at each end of the row, every 10Rows for a total of 50 Rows

Row 102: Cast off 6 stitches at both ends of the row to start armhole

Decrease 1 stitch at each end of the Row, every 2 Rows for a total of 6 Rows

Row108. Knit 34 Rows


This will require either short rows or partial knitting, and you will need to knit this both sides of centre to create the neckline. This starts with the Right side, but feel free to start on the right by mirroring the instructions.

Row 142.  At centre only, cast off 40 sts, 20 sts each side of the centre.

At the end of the Row nearest to the centre, decrease, towards the side seam [away from centre], 1 stitch every Row for a total of 10 Rows

Row 152. Cast off

Now go back and repeat the neckline on the left hand side, following the same instructions from Row 140 to the end.


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